SAS – Socius Advisory Service

This is for all small business groups with under 10 staff and for new start ups less than 2 years old.

Fixed monthly fee on a 12 month contract.

Fee will be set at certain levels which are:

1: For a small business looking to recruit just 1 or 2 people in a 12 month period. Designed to save you at the very least 50% off any standard fee charged by a Recruitment Group.

2: A higher set fee should you feel that you will be taking on 3 or 4 people this year. Designed to save you at least 70% off any fee’s charged by a Recruitment Group.

3: Again a set fee for those small business groups that feel they will need to recruit over 5 people in a 12 month period. Your savings could be as much as 85% on standard Recruitment costs.


How does it work ?

A 6 step process.

1; Take time to understand your business.

2: Take down job brief – even help you create one.

3: Assess the role against any candidates we have on our database.

4: Advertise the role on your behalf (no additional charge).

5: We will spend all the time screening and assessing candidates, and ensuring candidates we deem correct for the role get through to the final phase.

6: Our consultant will then offer you upto 3 resumes per role, each resume has our assessment notes and the candidate’s direct contact details. Our job is done. It will then be up to you to make contact with the candidate’s to arrange interviews, follow these through and then make an offer and finalise the deal. We do not guarantee a placement..

What are the benefits to a small business ?

Growing a business is about you and your staff working in the business, for the business. Recruiting new staff is time consuming and takes you away from your core objective – your own business.

1: Brand awareness: As a small business, perhaps you are not widely known yet, part of our role is to speak about your company, the exciting things going on, where you started to where you are now and where as a company you want to go. This brand awareness is vital in getting “buy in” from top level candidate’s, something an advert simply cannot do.

2: By using this Resume/Screening service you are saving money advertising your role, along with hours and hours sifting through resumes, screening candidate’s and needless interviews, or not getting any qualified candidate responses meaning you will have to use a traditional recruitment company which means paying a one off fee, usually around 15% of salary which is a massive one off outlay that perhaps your business cannot afford. – we take all that away from you for a low monthly set fee for a 12 month contract.

How is this different from Contingency ?

It’s no secret that in a market where high quality candidate’s are recruited fast, part of the reason clients pay for a Contingency Service is that high touch hands on approach with candidate’s, ensuring all through the recruitment process from finding the candidate, screening, initial interview through to offer and contract signing stage is a delicate process that requires a great deal of time and effort, this is where a Recruiter can to an extent control what a candidate does in their job search and help steer them in the right direction. The biggest difference is Socius like any other Recruiting firm only charge on a successful placement and this charge is in a one off fee.


This is a new and unique Recruitment Model to the industry designed to hugely benefit the small business.