SRS – Socius Retained Search


Retained Search is very different to Contingency style recruitment.

Retained Search is generally carried out for Senior and Executive level positions where there is a general shortage of high quality people in that sector.

The most significant difference between retained search and contingency recruitment is the method in which they generate candidate’s.

Retained Search follows a process to identify, convert and recruit, highly talented and highly sought after individuals whose talent the client would like to acquire. A quality Retained Recruiter will identify a search strategy which will target companies known to employ the talent the client is seeking.

Retained Search operates under an exclusive contract with the client, which means that there is buy-in from both parties. By maintaining this exclusivity it means that Socius acts as an effective and consistent Ambassador for the hiring firm.

With retained search, the client is paying for processes known to identify prospects who are respected leaders and who closely match the position, job description, corporate culture and management styles, and who would fit well in the existing management team.

Socius retained search’s value is our competitive intelligence research, our assessment expertise and our ability to manage a very delicate and potentially volatile process with expert discretion.

Retained search will obviously present a smaller candidate pool, but one where each candidate has been thoroughly assessed ensuring a strong fit with the position and the company. Within this model the client is paying for tried and successful processs, market and competitive intelligence, assessment services and management/business consulting.


A typical search fee is split into 3 sections which is:

One third of the total expected fee payable by the client upon agreement by the Socius to take on the search.

One third is then payable upon presenting a short list of candidate’s to the client.

A final third is payable upon acceptance of the candidate to take up the position with the client.