SCS – Socius Contingency Service


This is for business groups who want the end to end traditional Recruitment Model and are willing to pay for it;


How does it work

1: Take time to understand your business – professionally and culturally.

2: Understand what successful people work in your business, what backgrounds they have.

3: Create a job brief.

4: Assess the role against existing database.

5: Advertise the role

6: Use our own networking/sourcing methods, directly contacting “passive candidates” to discuss your opening.

7: Screen, interview, assess all candidate’s, even gaining “market knowledge” on the candidate’s standing in that particular sector.

8: Presentation of resume’s

9: Discuss all resume’s with the client, giving our feedback on candidate suitability and why we feel they would benefit your business.

10: Arrange all interviews (first round to final)

11: Ensure candidate is at all times fully engaged.

12: Oversee final stage including offer.

13: Discussing with clients and candidate’s the offer, perhaps negotiating to find a suitable and agreeable package for both parties,

14: Help candidate with exit from existing employee.

15: On-board candidate within new role.

16: Follow up regularly for first 3 or 6 months (probation period) ensuring candidate is happy; resolving any questions on the position, and report directly back to the employer for resolution.