Level 1: SASSocius Advisory Service.

This for all small business groups with under 10 staff and for new start ups less than 2 years old. Fixed monthly fee on a 12 month contract. Fee will be set at certain levels which are: 1: For a small business looking to recruit just 1 or 2 people in a 12 month period. Designed to save you at the very least 50% off any standard fee charged by a Recruitment Group. 2: A higher set fee should you feel that you will be taking on 3 or 4 people this year. Designed to save you at least 70% off any fee’s charged by a Recruitment Group. 3: Again a set fee for those small business groups that feel they will need to recruit over 5 people in a 12 month period. Your savings could be as much as 85% on standard Recruitment costs.

Level 2: SCS – Socius Contingency Service

This is for business groups who want the end to end traditional Recruitment Model and willing to pay for a successful placement;

How does it work

1: Take time to understand your business – professionally and culturally.
2: Understand what successful people work in your business, what backgrounds they have.

3: Create a job brief.

4: Assess the role against existing database.

5: Advertise the role

6: Use our own networking/sourcing methods, directly contacting “passive candidates” to discuss your opening.

7: Screen, interview, assess all candidate’s, even gaining “market knowledge” on the candidate’s standing in that particular sector.

8: Presentation of resume’s

9: Discuss all resume’s with the client, giving our feedback on candidate suitability and why we feel they would benefit your business.

10: Arrange all interviews (first round to final)

11: Ensure candidate is at all times fully engaged.

12: Oversee final stage including offer.

13: Discussing with clients and candidate’s the offer, perhaps negotiating to find a suitable and agreeable package for both parties,

14: Help candidate with exit from existing employee.

15: On-board candidate within new role.

16: Follow up regularly for first 3 or 6 months (probation period) ensuring candidate is happy; resolving any questions on the position, and report directly back to the employer for resolution.

Level 3: SRS – Socius Retained Search

Retained Search is very different to Contingency style recruitment.

Retained Search is generally carried out for Senior and Executive level positions where there is a general shortage of high quality people in that sector.

The most significant difference between retained search and contingency recruitment is the method in which they generate candidate’s.

Retained Search follows a process to identify, convert and recruit, highly talented and highly sought after individuals whose talent the client would like to acquire. A quality Retained Recruiter will identify a search strategy which will target companies known to employ the talent the client is seeking.

Retained Search operates under an exclusive contract with the client, which means that there is buy-in from both parties. By maintaining this exclusivity it means that Socius acts as an effective and consistent Ambassador for the hiring firm.