Steve Addis


Director/Principal Consultant

Tel: 08 61413227, 0417042357

I’m a Career Recruiter having first entered the industry when it was cool to fax resume’s and have a mountain of paper on your desk.

I quickly found that I was good at networking, building great client relationships and unearthing talent that was not in the general “job market”, to be honest, I just like getting to know people….

I started a boutique recruitment firm dedicated to placing people within the London Insurance Markets in 1991, which was a great success. In 2007 this was merged with a larger recruitment firm, however at that time I also made the decision to move to the other side of the world with my family and create a new life…

In 2009 I settled in Perth, I then started with a national recruitment firm, who did not have a footprint within the insurance sector in WA, and I drove this to be a great success, becoming the No 1 Recruiting Partner to the sector within a short space of time.

In 2012 Beacham Addis was formed with a former colleague and became highly successful. I then decided to set up Socius Group in July 2014. Socius is latin. It means “To partner with”, which is for me the synergy we have with our clients and colleagues. Socius was set up with a simple philosophy. Superior customer service combined with first class technology allowing us to be seen as a true value-add business partner to our sophisticated clients and experienced candidate professionals. 

Outside of work, I like the usual things, keeping fit, scuba diving, blazing around on the jet ski and following my (English) football club – Chelsea.

I also live by a mantra quoted by Bob Hoskins, which is:
‘laugh’; ‘be yourself’; ‘be flamboyant’; ‘don’t worry about other people’s opinions’; ‘get angry’; ‘whatever you do, always give it a good go’; ‘be generous and kind because you can’t take it with you’; ‘appreciate beauty, take pictures and make memories’; ‘don’t take yourself too seriously’; ‘never, ever, ever, ever give up’; and ‘love with all your heart’.

The rest I suppose is “to be continued”………