Why use us ?

Recruiting talented people is vastly different than it was 10 years ago, it’s different that it was just 12 months ago, and at Socius we recognise this.

Although there are many more ways of locating Talent the fact of the matter is that a name and a little background found on the internet does not mean this person is a right for you, and contacting this person may not be the best approach.

At Socius we are constantly researching, finding out about the Talent in their respective markets, what they are like, what they want from their career, we get to know these professionals and as such have a unique insight into what is right for them, and what is not.

When a client trusts us with a new opportunity, they understand that for them, we are now their marketing firm, we are responsible for brand awareness, we are able to communicate at ground level what’s great about the company and offer an insight to individuals that may not be common knowledge and so get buy in, which no matter how wonderfully written, a job ad or a direct email simply cannot do as we understand how to approach the Talent as each individual is very different.


Additionally one major reason a client uses us – we are experts, on a level with Insurance Brokers, Accountants and Lawyers, why try and defend yourself in a court of law when there are specialists to do this for you, you don’t have time to understand what you need to do and how to conduct the process properly to achieve the best outcome.

In a world economy which has been tight for a number of years now, we all want to get something for as cheap as possible, and recruiting staff isn’t cheap, however not using a specialist to partner with and trying to recruit yourself can be a far more costly exercise. And at the end of the day you only pay for a successful placement, meaning you understand the value of what a specialist Recruiting firm can do and by partnering with Socius we truly believe that we can help you attract the best Talent to grow your business and this is seen as great value,